Bus Training


Bus Driver Information 

  The following requirements must be fulfilled in order to become a bus driver or renew a bus driver permit in Tazewell county.



In accordance with Public Act 88-612, all school bus drivers are required to complete an annual refresher safety course before their school bus driver permit can be renewed. This course runs approximately two hours.

-All fees ($8.00) and forms are due in our office 4 days prior to the class. -
There will be no on-site registrations permitted.
-Class sizes will be limited to fifteen (15) in the Initial class and forty (40) in the Refresher class.
-Registration for refresher classes will be accepted starting August 1. Registering early will help ensure a spot in the class of your choice.
Certification cards will be distributed immediately after completion of the class. All drivers must bring their license to the class in order to receive their certification card.
-Drivers will be responsible to provide their district or company a copy of their certification card.









New bus drivers are required to participate in an eight hour initial training course.


You must pre-register for this course. Contact the Regional Office of Education.


The $8.00 fee is required for the initial training course.


New bus drivers must be employed by a bus company or a school district



            For additional information or to register for training contact the
Regional Office of Education at (309)477-2290

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